Dame Blanche emerges as a vibrant and chic Belgian women's brand, harmonizing wearability with a keen sense of style. Nestled in Antwerp, its inception stems from the creative minds of three seasoned fashion connoisseurs: the designs of Dirk Stesses complemented by the expertise of Tamara Van Doren & Harry Loubry.

Embracing its Belgian roots, Dame Blanche takes pride in a significant portion of its production transpiring locally, fostering partnerships with regional knitwear manufacturers. Drawing inspiration from playful graphics, captivating prints, and whimsical details, the Dame Blanche collection exudes a spirit that is never overly serious or mundane.

Dame Blanche empowers you to stand out while feeling effortlessly comfortable, seamlessly blending your personal style with the current fashion zeitgeist. It's a brand that celebrates individuality and embraces the joy of self-expression.

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